Breakup and legal separation

British decision to invoke Article 50 associated with the TEU: additional information

Nationwide rules in EU countries will figure out the causes it is possible to apply for divorce proceedings or appropriate separation, while the procedures included. The principles differ significantly from a single EU country to a different.

Nevertheless, a true wide range of EU rules help determine which courts have actually jurisdiction and which legislation is applicable in instances involving a couple of EU nations – for instance, since you as well as your spouse live in various nations or have actually different nationalities.

Where is it possible to apply for separation or divorce?

You are able to request a breakup or separation that is legal along with your partner as a joint application, or alone.

You are able to register your request because of the courts in the nation where:

The court that is first the demand is filed that suits these conditions has abilities to rule on your own divorce proceedings.

The court with abilities to transform an appropriate separation into a divorce proceedings could be the court within the EU country that ruled from the appropriate separation – provided that this is certainly in accordance with that nation’s guidelines.

The court with capabilities to rule on divorce or separation might also choose problems associated with responsibility that is parental the little one lives for the reason that nation.

Which rules connect with your divorce or separation or separation?

Are a couple of or even more EU nations involved – as an example as you as well as your spouse have different nationalities or are now living in an EU country other than your personal?

The law that governs your divorce or separation is certainly not always the statutory legislation associated with the nation in which you apply for breakup.

17 EU nations have actually used a set that is single of to find out which legislation should connect with cross-border divorces. These nations are: Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Estonia, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Portugal, Romania, Slovenia and Spain.

  • the nation in which you as well as your spouse live
  • the nation where you last lived together – if an individual of you nevertheless lives there
  • the country either of you is an or that is national
  • the united states what your location is filing for divorce or separation

  • the united states in which you as well as your spouse live
  • failing that, of this nation for which you last lived together – provided you nevertheless lived together here 1 before going to court year
  • failing that, of the national nation you are both nationals of
  • failing that, the national nation where you stand filing for divorce or separation

If you should be obtaining breakup in another EU nation, consult a specialised attorney to see which laws and regulations will affect your instance and just just what the results will be.

Recognition of divorces and appropriate separations abroad

A divorce or separation or perhaps an appropriate separation given within one EU country is recognised immediately by other EU nations: you don’t have to endure any procedure that is additional.

Exception – Denmark

EU rules on divorce proceedings and separation that is legal as an example on jurisdiction and recognition – usually do not affect Denmark.

Get information on divorce or separation procedures nation by nation:

Select nation:

  • Austria at en
  • Belgium be en
  • Bulgaria bg en
  • Cyprus cy en
  • Czech Republic cz en
  • Estonia ee en
  • Finland fi en
  • France fr en
  • Germany de en
  • Greece gr en
  • Hungary hu en
  • Ireland ie en
  • Italy it en
  • Latvia lv en
  • Lithuania lt en
  • Luxembourg lu en
  • Malta mt en
  • Netherlands nl en
  • Poland pl en
  • Portugal pt en
  • Romania ro en
  • Slovakia sk en
  • Slovenia si en
  • Spain es en
  • Sweden se en
  • Great britain – England gb-eng en
  • United Kingdom – Northern Ireland gb-nir en
  • Great britain – Scotland gb-sct en
  • Great britain – Wales gb-wls en

Test story

Breakup without mutual permission: jurisdiction in the united kingdom associated with the couple’s final typical usual residence

An Irish-French couple that is married Jack and Marie, lived together in Ireland.

Jack discovered a fascinating and well-paid task in France and relocated here. One thirty days after needs to work with France, Jack made a decision to declare divorce proceedings in Ireland.

It was feasible considering that the couple final lived together in Ireland and Marie ended up being nevertheless resident here.

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